Words Worth Sharing

kriologyside2-croppedI didn’t know that YOLY was actually a word when I used it in my first post (May 30  YOLY Challenge of the Week). I was merely trying it out as an acronym for the title “Year of Living Yogically”.

Since then I have discovered otherwise:


Definition in the Urban Dictionary

A Yoly is the safest, most nurturing place to hide out. Female in nature, male in appearance, and home inherently. A yoly will take the worst possible situation and solve it, and if a yoly can’t solve it, then a yoly will call for back up. A yoly can often be silly however will execute compassion and understanding at exactly the right moment.

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  1. Susie Engdahl

    Discovery and new meanings. There is something to learn each day….you just need look with eyes wide open.

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