Friday Favorites – Agnistambhasana (Fire Log Pose)

This is one of my new favorite poses.

Brought to my awareness by a student (& you know who you are), I recently researched Fire Log Pose to check out its Sanskrit name and characteristics.

It’s not a posture that I have preformed often, probably because it is such a challenging one. But I found this great variation on Yoga Journal’s website. The modification is for tight hips and you can use one or two blocks depending on your flexibility.

In doing my research, I was especially enamored with the symbol of the pose. Fire Log Pose is all about the foundation and the way you stack your “logs”. Just as if you were building a real fire, you start with a firm foundation. Sit cross-legged on your mat with a blanket to support your hips if needed. Then, provide enough kindling to get your fire started. In other words, situate your blocks appropriately to help establish the pose. And finally you ­must intelligently prepare and properly stack your logs/legs so that the pose can be at its most effective.


The evident benefit of this posture is the gradual opening it provides for the hips and groins.

But there is another boon – if you choose to take it as a forward bend.

Again, it is directly associated with the name of the asana. “Agni” means ignite. This pose can ignite the digestive fire located at the navel center. When you take it as a forward bend, there is a gentle stimulation which assists digestion, converting your food into fuel. Cool (I mean hot), right?

Tell us about your favorite pose.



Resource:  Yoga Journal’s Three Ways to Make Fire Log Pose Feel Better by Erin Motz

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