Happy Birthday Crabs!

2973805If you were born under the sign of Cancer, also known as the crab, you are governed by the element of water.  Your sign rules over the chest, breast, stomach and digestion. Therefore, you may be more prone to illnesses or biases that stem from these specific areas.

Yoga to the rescue! There are a wonderful assortment of postures that can target a cancer’s particulars.

My first recommendation would be Pavanamuktasana or Wind Removing Pose. Wind-Relieving-Posture-YogaDesigned to relieve gas and improve digestion, this is something that will benefit all Cancers.

If you are prone to coughs and chest ailments, focus on a heart-opening pose like half moon pose or Ardha Chandrasana. Ardha-Chandrasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel Since the Sun Sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, Half Moon posture is especially relevant. It can also balance the fact that as a crab, you like to retreat into your shell (winky face). 

Vision weaknesses as well as varicose veins are also attributed to the Cancer sign. Shoulderstand  or Salamba Sarvangasanasarvangasanais an asana that can increase the blood circulation to the eyes, brain, ears and nose, thereby improving their functioning. It brings relief from constipation, indigestion and varicose veins. This pose also helps you detoxify and maximizes the performance of all of the other organs.

So get cracking crabs – next month we take on the Lions!


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