Cats & Yoga

Why are cats so closely associated with yoga?

Maybe because they emulate it 24/7.  I mean, why aren’t all the postures named after cats?

Photo from the New Yorker
To take this relationship one step further, I actually googled “cat yoga” and found a site called Meow Parlour that hosts cat yoga classes on Tuesdays at 3pm. The sessions are for yogis who enjoy being around cats. In an interview, the owner was asked,

“What should yogis expect in a Meow Parlour kitty yoga class?”

Her reply was, “A relaxing environment to do yoga in an intimate setting. Well, mostly relaxing. The cats always look like they’re judging us. Probably because they do yoga poses all day on a regular basis. So far, they are really weirded out by the whole thing and they very cautiously walk through the whole class.”

Sound familiar?

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