A Set of Dedications

Today I will share with you some quotes that you can use to dedicate your practice. You can either read them to yourself or say them aloud before you begin your session. They are gentle reminders of why we do yoga and what the practice can bring to us. images

Yoga is not a destination to be reached, it is a place where you simply are. The method is the goal.

Dedicate this time to your well-being, for the opportunity to build strength and lightness, flexibility and balance.

Yield to the flow.  It is the most intelligent, fulfilling thing to do. Surrender your best sense of what to do or not to do and trust in the flow of Being. – E. Schiffmann

What is the purpose of yoga practice? To open the heart. Measure your success in your postures not by how far you go but by how aware you are in each moment. What makes you feel most alive? Most present? Most whole?

I apologize that I don’t have authors for all of these quotes.  Over the many years, the writings I save are copied and recopied. In doing so, original sources get lost. Still treasured, the words are well worth sharing. 


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