Favorite Tips for Keeping Your Practice


We know that we feel wonderful after we complete our postures, breathing and meditations. So why is it that we still need incentive for making our yoga practice a habit?

Here are some of my tried and true recommendations that may help you return to your home practice again and again:

  1. Make it enjoyable – enhance your space with flowers or candles
  2. Find your inner teacher – listen to your body and select poses that speak to you
  3. KISS – keep it simple (silly) – pick only a few postures for each session
  4. Get assistance – besides classes, texts and audio recordings make good encouragement tools
  5. Set a timer – begin with 10 minutes/day then slowly add time as your practice develops
  6. Use music – this sets a mood and can add a soothing quality
  7. Practice with a friend – once in a while make a pact to meet and share ideas

Feel free to share your tips (or tricks)!

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