The YOLY Review

Just wanted to go back a bit today to review our Year of Living Yogically Challenge.

What is the Year of Living Yogically Challenge?  

The Year of Living Yogically (YOLY) Challenge is presented on the blog each Monday. The weekly post features different skills, techniques & methods for tuning into the practice of yoga.  The concept is to try a new routine for one week to see how you like it and if it speaks to you.  Please do not think that you need to keep practicing week #1 for the whole year.  Try the task for the week prescribed and if you find it useful, return to it whenever you can.

When did it start?

We are on Week #7.  At the beginning, I set a goal of presenting 52 ways of living yogically. A whole year’s worth!  You can use the Search side bar and type in “Yoly” to easily view all of the previous posts.

Do I have to do the challenge in any particular order?

No.  The order doesn’t really matter because each YOLY post has unique information. Whenever you may need to have previous knowledge, a link will be provided.  If you are just joining us, you can even begin the challenge with our most current post.

Have other questions?

Please feel free to comment and I will respond.  Or, if you prefer, contact me directly via email at

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