YOLY Challenge #9: Check in With Your Alignment


All students of yoga should periodically check in with their alignment.  Although consistent yoga practice would dictate that our bodies are perfectly in line, poor postural habits can develop along the way at any time. It is only when we are aware of these deviations that can we work back towards neutral spine.

This week’s challenge is to check your alignment.  Here’s a good test to practice each day this week:

Stand with your back against an unobstructed wall.  Your feet should be hip width apart and parallel to each other. The backs of your heels, glutes, shoulders and possibly your head will touch the wall.  Try to tuck your pelvis under while still maintaining a slight space behind your lower back (lumbar curve).

Over the course of this week, make the following observations:

  • How close is your head to the back of the wall?  You can measure this by placing your hand behind your head to identify the amount of space that is there. Is there enough room for one finger, two fingers or more?
  • Which parts of your shoulders are touching the wall?
  • Are your calves touching the wall?
  • Are you able to maintain a small space between your lower back and the wall?

Don’t dismay if you are finding some discrepancies here.  Remember the challenge is to create awareness.

Check back in on Friday for some ways to improve your body’s organization.

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