YOLY Challenge #12: Journaling Your Yoga

Over the past two weeks, I have discovered that when I journal my yoga practice, I see an improvement in my daily commitment. Like any good yoga prop, a journal makes my practice more accessible and more productive.

In the beginning, I simply used my calendar to record the date/time and basic content of each yoga practice.  For example, I recorded, “Monday, August 1st at 8-8:30am, Sun Salutations and Restorative Viparita Karani”.

But lately, I give even more detail to my plans. Developing and writing down a 20-30 minute sequence ahead of time assures that I keep a consistent daily practice which is varied and beneficial.

This week your challenge is to document your home practice through journaling. 

Here are my guidelines for using a Yoga Practice Journal:

  1. Sit down and plan out your home practice either each evening or on a weekly basis.
  2. Nothing has to be written in stone – if you decide to vary the length, time of day or type of practice, then change it.
  3. Each practice does not have to be complex –
    1. Use your the weekly YOLY Challenges to inspire you.
    2. Write down an intention for the day & meditate on your mat for a few minutes.
    3. Note something from class or even draw a pose for quick reference.
  4. Take a couple of minutes after your practice to reflect and maybe jot down some ideas for the next day.
  5. Contact me with your questions/comments – I’d love to share your process!




2 thoughts on “YOLY Challenge #12: Journaling Your Yoga

  1. Tana Williams

    Hi Kim,

    I believe on the 25th you will have our wedges. Would you mind bringing along one of these journals also? I probably would prefer the lined type. Thank you. Hugs, Tana


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