The Feminine and the Masculine Chakras

As we continue to explore the individual characteristics of the chakras and what they represent, we should be aware that every energy center can be classified as either feminine or masculine in nature.

Chakras 2,4 & 6 are connected to the more feminine qualities of female-1421510__180feeling, loving, and seeing. The feminine tendencies of the even numbered chakras are about opening and receiving the energy within.



While the masculine traits of knowing, willfulness and speaking are associated with the 1,3, 5 & 7 chakras. In general, these odd numbered chakras involve moving the energy and pushing it outward.


Typically, our lives are overflowing with action and intensity.  Therefore, we need to tune into the feminine chakras that provide more devotion and acceptance in order to feel balanced and complete.

This week our focus was on the Svadhisthana or Pelvic chakra.  Since it has primarily feminine qualities, we should all be feeling nourished and fulfilled.  But, if you need a bit more contentment in your life, here are some additional methods for self gratification:

  • Use the essential oil Neroli – extracted from the bitter orange tree, it has a calming effect on your senses.  Use as directed.
  • Swim – the ultimate way to go with the flow!
  • Focus on your belly breath
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Get a massage