YOLY Challenge #16: Label Your Practice Days

We are taking a break with the chakra challenges this week.  If you are following along, we will continue our journey and rise upward to Chakra #3 next Monday.

With my relocation to a new home, new routines have arisen and infected my yoga practice.  Drastic interruptions require drastic measures.  I need my yoga more now than ever!  On this a “slower” day, I am reflecting on how I can re-balance and recommit to my daily practice.  First off, I absolutely need to make my practice the first thing I do in the morning.  Putting it off for more “important things” is not acceptable.  Saying “I’ll do it this afternoon” is not in the cards – I’m always caught up in projects, phone calls, emails…moving and selling a home is filled with task after task.

So, if you feel as I do, join me this week for a YOLY Challenge called “Label Your Practice Days.”  Through this technique, I hope to motivate myself (and you) to practice each and every day.

My idea is to designate a practice tag line for each day of the week.  The labels not only provide a preset plan but assure that during the week the practice will be variable and well-rounded.

Here are my suggestions.  Feel free to use my labels or tweak them to suit your needs/preferences:

Sunday – Sun Salutation

Monday – Meditation

Tuesday – Tudor: take something from a class you learned.

Wednesday – Water: this is a weird one but I associate water with flow and designate this day to vinyasa or flow sequences.

Thursday – Theme: pick a specific asana subject like backbends, forward bends, inversions, hip openers, arm balances, etc.

Friday – Freedom: a true “go with the flow” day to get on your mat and do what you feel you need to do.  This is a tough one but important for developing your own practice.  Put some music on and just let yourself get carried away…

Saturday – Saturate: my favorite lately.  A day for marinating in a yin or restorative pose.

Remember these two rules to follow:

1.) Only practice for 10 minutes per day as recommended in YOLY Challenge #8

2.) Try to make it the first thing you do each day (after a cup of tea or coffee perhaps).

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  1. Burton, Susie

    I love this because I can imagine you and I having a conversation and I read this hearing your voice. It makes me happy!

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