YOLY Challenge #18: Breathe for the Belly

This week’s challenge will allow us to linger on the solar plexus area for another week.  It also gives us a chance to return to the breath in our daily practice.

In normal breathing, the abdomen puffs out gently with the inhalation and moves back in as you exhale, while the rib cage doesn’t move as much. In reverse breathing, the belly moves in on the inhalation an out on the exhalation, and there is more movement occurring in the upper rib cage. body-1621161__340

Focus on your belly breath each day this week:

Step #1: Lie on your back. Place one hand on your abdomen and the other over your lower ribs. As you gently inhale and exhale, notice which way your hands are moving. Don’t try to change anything right now, just notice.

Step #2: Then inhale, and on the next exhalation gently contract your abdominal muscles, bringing your navel in the direction of your spine. With a little or no muscular effort, let your abdomen gently lift as you inhale. Breathe this way for a minute or so.

Step #3: Go back to your natural breathing rhythm. Observe any changes in your mind or body.

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