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When I first learned about Aromatherapy, I thought that it was just a pleasant way to enhance my environment. I was drawn to essential oils because I have a keen sense of smell.rose-177955__180

But I did not view them as critical components for my health.

Recently I attended a lecture on essential oils by Kayo Malik at Village Acupuncture here in Sedona.  She literally opened my eyes to the health benefits of aromatherapy and the medicinal ingredients of these amazing natural elements found in plants and flowers.

Here are my surprising discoveries:

Essential oils have the potential for treating virtually every ailment.

They are antiviral, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, aid in digestion, circulation and respiration. They can prevent hair loss, varicose veins, balance menstruation/menopause and reduce the effects of aging, cancer, and many other diseases. The list goes on and on…

The oils can penetrate the skin and actually enter into the body at a cellular level.

The chemical components of essential oils are taken from deep inside the stems, leaves/bark, buds, and even the roots of plants, trees and flowers.  They mimic some of the components within our own bodies and can therefore cross barriers to enter our cells.

Essential oils are oxygen carriers.

Oils are valued based on the percentage of O2 they can transport.  Increasing oxygen levels is key to fighting disease and generating overall good health.

Combining oils can enhance the individual benefits.

There is a synergistic connection between some oils that when combined make them even more effective than when they are utilized individually.

Internal organs have smell receptors.

Recent studies show that many internal organs like the heart, lungs & kidneys have their own smell receptors. Individually, therefore, they are capable of being influenced by specific oils.

The power of essential oils has been a wonderful discovery for me. Like the system of yoga, aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years. And, like the individual yoga postures, each oil has a myriad of benefits. ancient-essential-oils-information-1-1-800x800

As I begin to incorporate these precious gems into my lifestyle, I will be sure to share my experiences with you.



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