“When the spirit of a man is decisive and firm, the space clears around him and others give him room.” — John Watson Foster

giant-scorpion-1076314__180.jpgThis week marks the rise of Scorpio.  The scorpion is considered to be a loner, a survivor and, yes, a bit fierce.  I myself am a scorpion.  So, I will come to the defense of my sign and let you know that despite its bolder features, the scorpion is also known as a protector, healer and a transformer.

The people born under this sign seek resolution.  They stand by their beliefs and move toward sincerity. Whether through influence, control, or even possibly hypnosis, Scorpions will discover the truth. They detest lies, dishonesty and unfairness.

As a water sign, Scorpions are tied to passion as their emotion. Anatomically, Scorpio is connected to the pelvis, hips, reproductive organs and sacrum.  These areas need attention for this population of stingers.

The yoga posture called the “scorpion” would be apropos but not attainable for all.  To catch some of its benefits, begin with the strength building postures of

Dolphin and Dolphin Plank  yoga-263673__180

then practice Ustrasana (camel) ustrasana to generate more flexibility.

Finally, moving toward Sirsasana (headstand) {under guidance please} will put _h400_w284_m1_bwhiteyou in a confident place and improve your balance.

Baddha Konasana (bound angle) is a wonderful stabilizer for the hips and pelvic region.  And, its restorative version Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined bound angle) is one of my favorites for balancing prana and pacifying the lower body.

Next month we catch up with another truth-seeker, the Sag.


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