Looking for These Sources…


Please help! Despite the intellegence of the internet, I cannot locate the source of these beautiful and profound yoga quotes that I recorded in my journal long ago.  I would very much like to attribute them to their original authors.

If you are familiar with the following quotes, please leave me a comment…thanks!

#1: “Yoga is not a destination to be reached, it is a place where you simply are. The method is the goal.”

#2: “Take this opportunity to begin to shed your outer layers – your coverings. Find the way back to center: through flesh, muscle, bone. To the river that underlies us, solid and fluid. Lean softly into your experience and give it your whole attention.”

#3: “The technique a teacher passes on are petals on the flower, but the stem is inside you. No one can show you what that looks and feels like. They can help you learn and show you what they have found useful, but the inner teachings are going on all the time – the little discoveries that can only be made from within as you compare the you that was with the you that is awakening.”

#4: What is the purpose of yoga practice? To open the heart. Measure your success in your postures not by how far you go but by how aware you are in each moment. What makes you feel most alive? Most present? Most whole?”



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