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Have you tried time and time again to set up a daily yoga practice? Or, are you a current yoga student or teacher that is looking for a weekly incentive to spark your home practice or class sessions?

Establish A Steady Yoga Practice was designed to promote a lifestyle habit that can affect every aspect of your well being. It is a journey toward fulfillment; a quest to expand the horizon of your awareness. I have researched and spent many years compiling specific aspects of yoga that can be used as pillars of health and well being for body, mind and spirit. I know this sounds kind of like an infomercial but I believe these techniques are the building blocks for a steady, habitual yoga practice. They have helped me to be a successful teacher and have provided me with a more well-rounded personal practice. Suffice to say, I think that the practice of yoga is more than following a video on YouTube.

Do you have to be a yoga practitioner to benefit? Not at all. While I will, at times, reference specific postures of yoga, in general the idea is for you to use these posts as a guide to awaken your spirit and improve your way of being. Whether or not you actually practice the physical poses associated with yoga is not as important.

Each week’s post will have three parts: the passage, the pillar and the purpose:

1.) Passage:

This first section is a quote or reading for reflection. These are selections from the teachers that have influenced my life over the years. Each piece was chosen to connect with the weekly theme.

2.) Pillar:

The second segment is made up of a small challenge or simple task that can be incorporated into your day, personal practice or yoga class (for teachers). This is your pillar. Try to follow it for one week.

3.) Purpose:

Following the action, there will be a third component – a short description of the pillar’s significance and how it can benefit you and tie into your lifestyle.

Developed to build upon themselves, these objectives are set up in chronological order. However, feel free to skip around by using the search term “Establish A Steady Yoga Practice” to select a theme that may be more applicable to you on any given week.

Let’s get started!

Invite Yourself


“Now is the time to be clear again. Put aside all tasks and concerns, relinquish your grip on any ideals or expectations you may have about this journey.

Pledge to accept what “is” at each given moment.

Bow your head to the wisdom of your heart.”


This first week the quote is your challenge. Write it down somewhere and repeat the invocation at the start of each day to instill clarity for what is to come.


By completing this task daily, you are formally awakening the start of this new program to health and happiness. Making time each day when you can call on your heart, mind and body to stand open is important in order to mentally and physically receive all of the benefits this process can bring to you.

Throughout this journey, I hope you will feel free to leave me your comments. It is my intention to provide content that is clear, useful and achievable.

Namasté,  Kim.


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