Establish A Steady Yoga Practice – Here & Now

“Regular (yoga) practice teaches us to stay present in every moment, achieving more than we were previously capable of.” -T.K.V. Desikachar

In order to be ready for this week’s practice, you’ll need to prepare a bit.

First, choose a location for your practice. The actual place you utilize is insignificant. It could be a room that you have dedicated to your practice, a smaller section within a certain room or even a place on the floor or a chair. Distinguish your area somehow by placing a significant object or even your rolled up mat nearby.

Then, select a good time to practice. At the beginning, you’ll only need 5-15 minutes that you can keep on a fairly routine basis. Mark off this period in your calendar for every day this week.

Sit in your chosen place at the appointed time. We’ll start with 5 minutes each day this week (yes, only 5 minutes). Set a timer so that you do not exceed the period allotted. Take this opportunity to be present and merely follow the rhythm of your yogaposts

Establishing a specific place and time for your daily ritual is imperative for keeping your commitment steady. Selecting a short time period, at first, makes the practice stick.

Tuning into the here and now by focusing on the breath gives you a grounded foundation so that you can be more purposeful throughout the day.

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Be Well,  Kim.

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