Establish A Steady Yoga Practice – Open Your Mind

clear your mind yogaposts“Feel the life force flowing from you and drawing into you from the atmosphere: from the rain, from the sky, from the air around you and the stars and the moon and the sun, and everything that exists that represents energy.”  -Rudi

Our “pillar” this week is to do some “mind clearing.”

Each day, take the following steps for Creating a Dedicated Space:

  1. If possible, face east in the daytime and north after sunset.
  2. Begin in a seated posture that is comfortable.
  3. Mentally create a circle of light or energy around yourself with the following visualization:

Exhale completely and inhale deeply and slowly.  On your next exhale, make one mental circle of light or energy around your body, then a second circle around the room and finally a third to encircle the entire building that you are in. Be sure to do the three circles with one exhalation.

Inhale again, this time as you exhale extend this field of energy or light up and down into the infinite space above and below you.

Then, spend 5 minutes following your breath.

Performing this ritual before each practice session will open your mind to receive more purposeful energy. Energy that you can use to absorb the benefits of your practice, build connections and have greater awareness throughout your day.

If you’d like to learn more about Establishing A Steady Yoga Practice click here.

Shanti, Kim.

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