Support A Steady Yoga Practice: What is Your Truth?

…we should progressively embrace what is real for us, so that we may find health and harmony. As you go deeper into yoga, remember that you are doing this study in order to remember yourself, to come home to all of you…  – Rolf Gates

In our practices this week, let’s focus on the second ethical quality or yama known as truthfulness. As a moral principle, truthfulness or satya, as it is called in Sanskrit, asks us to convey truth responsibly. Like the other yamas, we should consider truthfulness in thought, speech and action.

This week set a goal for yourself to be more authentic in your asana practice.

Each day, do something to bring yourself back to a more genuine state of being. A good way to do this is to make physical improvements on a weakness you have developed over time. Be sincere, however, and honor your limitations as you do so. For example, if you are working toward a more arm strengthening practice, keep yourself honest by respecting a shoulder that may be tight.  

Another method would be to simply maintain a daily practice this week. When you keep your word and show up on your mat each day, you uncover your truth.

woman-865021__340Accepting what your truth is will lead you to speaking and acting more authentically. When we use wisdom in our truthfulness by not under or overacting, we gain a steady and more true self. Our genuineness will be uplifting, supportive and allow us to feel more purposeful.

Om Namah Shivaya (bow to the teacher within)!



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