Support A Steady Yoga Practice: Is This Too Much?

Remember the most essential aspect of healthy yoga is going inward and growing more mindful with each breath. Let us not get distracted by “getting better” at yoga with our drive to achieve more. Instead, let us focus on deepening our relationship with our bodies in a way that is empowering and mindful.

One of the most difficult yamas (restraints) within the 8 limb-fold system of yoga to define is brahmacharya. 

Literally, it means celibacy. However, it can also be defined as non-sensuality, which is the detachment from fulfilling the senses. 


When we dwell over objects of the senses, we tend to develop attachments. And, attachments can cause us to become imbalanced. Excess is almost always harmful.  Ever hear of too much of a good thing?
If you can, this week, be more moderate.  Choose the middle.  A little of this and a little of that. In asana practice, it is why we try to stretch the spine in all directions by performing backbends, forward bends, twists and lateral side bends in each session. Try that this week and discover how you can feel more balanced, more focused.

Another way to practice brahmacharya is to avoid overloading the senses. While practicing this week, direct your energy to the activity at hand. An easy way to begin is by placing all of your attention on your breath. This will allow you to gather your life force (prana) and become more centered. 

I believe moderation is the key to balance and the answer to many of the everyday choices we have in life.  How much do you eat? How often do you practice yoga and for how long? What is the correct amount of sleep? sun? or even sex?

What do you find most difficult to moderate?

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