Support A Steady Yoga Practice: The Art of Sitting

simply sitting

“Perfection in an asana is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached”. – Yoga Sutras.

Learning to sit peacefully with the breath is founded on the postures of yoga. Yoga asana is performed so that the body is able to sit comfortably  in stillness. Pranayama or breath control is the fuel that sustains us to stay steady in our bodies and minds.

In the practice of yoga it is important to find a restful seat. Using a wall, a chair or other props to keep your spine upright is suggested if your hips or back muscles are weak or tight. Another method for learning to sit on the floor is to gradually introduce the muscles to the practice.

Here are my tips for crafting a comfortable seat:Sit on the Edge – Sitting on the edge of your chair will strengthen the muscles of your back. Overtime they will cease to rely on the chair back for support.

Sukasana After Savasana – Take 1-3 minutes each day to sit in a simple cross leg posture (sukasana). Try this after your usual yoga practice when you are most flexible and relaxed.

Get Your Back Against the Wall – Use a small rolled towel to support your lumbar spine and be sure to support your knees with blocks or folded blankets. You can also try to place a block in the space between your sacrum and the wall. Using your core, try to move your hips away from the block.

Take a Commercial Break – If you watch t.v., get down off the sofa during commercials and sit on the floor.

Hone Your Hero – This posture, also known as virasana, will grant you the support and alignment you need to keep your body upright in any seated posture. Make sure you use plenty of props to lift your hips off the floor and honor your knees.

The word “asana” literally means “seat or sitting.” Being able to sit comfortably is the true indicator of a successful yoga practice. From here we can refine our breath and come to know ourselves.

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika it states: “When the breath is steady or unsteady, so is the mind, and with it, the yogi.”  🙏🏼

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