Are You Ready to Harness the Energy of the Sun?


Happy Solstice Day!

This is the ideal time to honor all of the light we have accumulated!

And, the perfect occasion to announce my next journey.

Over two years ago, I started this blog to stay connected with my students. My initial intention was to provide information to supplement our classes and create new challenges for building a steadier practice for myself and fellow yogis. This effort has lead to nearly 170 blog posts.

Now I am beginning a new adventure and a personal goal – to accumulate and condense all of the information I have created for this blog and turn it into a book. A book I hope students and teachers will use as a planning resource and a guide for building stimulating personal practices and classes. And because it is being generated from this blog, its title is “Yoga Posts: Building a Steady Practice One Week at a Time.”

As of today, I have finished assembling all of the research, experience and words of inspiration I have held near and dear to my heart over the past 25 years of practicing and teaching yoga. I have decided to format the book into a year of challenges based on the eight limbs of yoga – each limb being a “post” that will support a steady yoga practice. Therefore, the book will be comprehensive but digestible, practical but philosophical – a tool for many users.

What’s Next?

This blog will now be a place for me to document my process – to keep me moving forward and to, hopefully, assist others with their book publishing journeys or any major life goal. I will touch base when I can with updates on my progress. My objective is to produce a wonderful yoga text to help others establish, support and fortify practices that may have gone stale or are just beginning to bud. Stay tuned …

…Until then, let us mark this auspicious occasion by saluting the sun!

As we have done before, let us join our energies together in celebration of this day.

Summer Solstice Challenge

Head to your mat and make this Summer Solstice another mass endeavor.

Try and set your sights on doing 12 sun salutations today.

If each of us does 12 sun salutations, we will collectively hit and surpass the magic number of 108. With our current tally of nearly 1,000 followers, we could potentially accomplish 12,000 sun salutations!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti ☮️🌞

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