Creating Space to Be Present at Home

Young woman exercising at home, stretching arms.

To be in this surrounding is to have permission to grow.  I find myself or at least find time for myself here – unbothered, unchallenged and uninhibited.

Whether you are practicing yoga or constructing a piece of writing, establishing a space to hone your craft is essential. The actual location you utilize is insignificant. It could be a formal studio or office, a smaller section within a certain room or even a chair or place on the floor. What is important is that your mind has clear purposeful space for the energy that you will be employing.

My typical day begins here – at my desk.

It sits in my living room with plenty of light and a nice bookshelf behind to access my resources. Normally, Chloé, my Chihuahua, is napping nearby; otherwise I pretty much have the place to myself.

Although other writers would suggest you stay behind closed doors with the blinds drawn, I get good energy in this space. My furniture and décor is sparse and mostly neutral.

My view is of the red rocks in the distance which is not too distracting unless I happen to catch a helicopter rescue attempt in action.

And, if I really need to focus, I can plug my earphones in and generate some soothing spa-like music. My current playlist features Deuter, Anugama & Liquid Mind – to name a few.

I find the act of writing to be very much like the ultimate yoga practice – enriching, all-encompassing and totally absorbing.

What Am I Writing?

As I announced in my last post, I am condensing these blog posts into a yoga book. I have completed my first draft and will now begin the process of editing to make sure that the writing is clear, consistent and fulfilling its purpose to assist practitioners and teachers. I have been learning about copyediting and hope to do the major bulk of this process on my own.

I’ve started researching different publishing options: traditional, hybrid as well as self-publishing. I wish to learn about the process but won’t be delving into programs and systems required for assembling a book. So, I will most likely choose a company that can help me design the cover and format the content.

I’ve briefly looked into IngramSpark & CreateSpace. But BookBaby seems to be the most user-friendly hybrid type publisher that can provide the services that I need but still keep me in the process. I like that they have POD (Print On Demand) distribution so that I don’t have a huge investment to make and boxes of books everywhere. I’m connecting with a BookBaby publishing specialist this week to discuss my project more fully.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Creating Space to Be Present at Home

  1. Tana Williams

    Good morning Kim,

    Do you know what props we need for the yoga session this Thursday? So looking forward to having another wonderful session with you. BTW…what do you charge for a private session? Thank you. See you Thursday at 10:00…

    Hugs, Tana

    P.S. Is Chloe really your chihuahua? I was thinking you had two other dogs.


    1. Hi Tana,

      I’ve messaged you privately about the props and rates.

      As for sweet Chloé, she has been with us for eight years now. We did have a second dog who passed away earlier this year. She had a good long life and we miss her dearly.

      I love our sessions and look forward to being with you again!

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