Making a Schedule to Stay On Track

wood-3157395__340“In the beginning, you will have to make room for yoga in your daily life and give it the place it deserves. But after some time, yoga itself will pull you up by the hair and make you do it.” ~ Vanda Scaravelli

The best method I have found for making room for yoga in my life is to reserve specific days for specific tasks. In previous posts, I have remarked on how effective it has been for me to label my yoga days in order to remain faithful to the practice. Since then I have slightly altered the way I incorporate yoga into my schedule as you will see below. 

I’ve worked diligently to come up with a system for dividing my time between teaching, reading reviews, writing, my personal yoga practice and all the other household chores that still need to get done. Flitting between tasks during the day is not very productive. My best strategy thus far is to dedicate specific days to each job. My husband, who also works from home, is off on Sunday and Monday so my week usually begins on Tuesday.

photo-1490724500206-cd5482e02b9eTuesday is the day that I dedicate to blog writing and social media content development. Since I am online taking photos and creating similar content for both, this is the most efficient use of my time. I begin by creating my weekly blog content and transfer bits and pieces of that into my Instagram posts for the week. If I have extra hours in the afternoon or evening, I will focus on reading any books I am currently reviewing.

Wednesday is the day I dedicate exclusively to writing my Yoga Posts book. I have a separate To Do List for this project that I keep in my planner. I usually spend all day with this task and find it hard to release at 5pm.

Thursdays I teach. I commonly have one to two classes on this day. After my morning sessions, I spend the afternoon planning my next week and continue with any book review reading that I have to

Fridays are for me. This is the day that I spend taking care of personal appointments, house projects, shopping and other errands. I refrain from using my phone or computer on this day if possible. I secretly call it my personal fun day.

Saturday is another writing day. I love these days because they are quiet ones. The weekend has set in for businesses and I get less emails and phone calls so I can nestle into my work.

Sunday & Monday I enjoy hiking, reading and spending family time with my husband and our kids and parents who visit us and we travel to from time to time. To be honest, and if we are home, I sometimes use these days to play catch up when I fall behind during the week. This way I have a safety net for achieving everything that I want to accomplish.

Incorporating a Home Yoga Practice Into the Schedule

Sundays and Mondays: I start my week with a good foot forward and focus on a complete practice by beginning my sessions with pranayama and meditation. I have more time on these days so I can enjoy expanding my routine. I take the opportunity to go with the flow and freestyle my practice.  yoga-3053488__340

I devote Tuesdays & Fridays to Continuing Education Training and/or following an online course. Alternatively, this is a good day for me to host or participate in a studio class outside the house.

On Wednesdays & Saturdays I choose a more active and heart-opening practice – like Sun Salutations and gentle backbends – since these are the days that I sit and write.

Each Thursday I prep for classes and explore new techniques. This is usually centered around a theme, a specific posture or therapeutic aspect.

In general, I try to limit my practice sessions to 30 minutes. This keeps me coming back for more each day.

Hope this helps you to get on track and keep your goals!


2 thoughts on “Making a Schedule to Stay On Track

  1. You are so organized! I wing it everyday, but my goal is to workout 4 days a week. Doesn’t matter what day as long as I’ve done it by Sunday. If I feel good, I push myself and do more that day. I admire your commitment to organization!

  2. Thanks Wendy!
    Being organized can be a blessing and a curse.

    We still have to roll with the tides.
    I like that you have a system built for that!
    Best wishes and thanks for reading!
    Kim. ☮️

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