Tips to Stay Disciplined

photo-1510894347713-fc3ed6fdf539As you bring more self-discipline into your practice, you will increase your level of confidence. This “I can do it” attitude leads to greater contentment. Ultimately you will find that when you persevere in your practice (and your life), you feel more balanced, purposeful and joyful. A little work will release your attachments and free up your consciousness for higher realizations.

Just like the daily practice of yoga, the process of writing requires discipline.  As I continue to edit my book, I have found some crucial ways to keep focused. Here are my tips:

Tip #1:  Simplify Your Space

Since downsizing, my space needs to stay versatile. I like simple surroundings to keep my focus. I cannot have a cluttered desk with stacks of paper and books piled up because I work in our main living area. Luckily, my personality prefers it this way. I need to stay uncluttered and clear to create. My desk is small but functional. I like having just enough room for my laptop, Filofax planner and a pad of paper.

Tip #2:  Have the Right Tools On Hand

I’ve tested many planning calendar type books for efficiency and productivity.

Currently, I am using a Filofax A5 size organizer.IMG_6317I use the Daily Business Style Pages because I can schedule each day, have space for to-do lists and a place to check things off when they’ve been accomplished. Lately I don’t need a full page for daily notes and hardly ever refer to my monthly calendar – all of the important appointments go on my iPhone.

The Filofax Organizer is a great vehicle to plan and set daily goals for myself. I use the tabbed sections to create long-term plans for my yoga practice & classes, as well as my writing schedule. I also used tab sections for storing more details and lists that pertain to travel, household and health related tasks.

I have a separate At-A-Glance Monthly Planner (the thinnest one I could find) with tabbed months, large daily boxes and a sidebar for notes. Here I record trips and plan appointments to work around my daily schedule.

IMG_6315As I organize my month, week and each day, I use erasable colored pens – which I just discovered recently. I use Pilot brand Frixion Clicker Pens in various colors to coordinate with my iPhone calendar. Black is for home related tasks, Red is for appointments, Green is for teaching duties, Blue is for all aspects of writing reviews and the book, including social media posts, Purple is for my personal yoga practice and training assignments.

Tip #3:  Set a Timer

Whether it be on your phone, watch or clock, honor the times you’ve set for your tasks. Especially with writing. I have found it to difficult to get started but even more difficult to stop. Once I have planned my time, I try my best to honor the schedule and move onto the next event when I hear the chime.

I hope my tips can help you find the organization you need to keep on task!


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