Latest Essential Oil Discoveries


As promised some time ago, I am updating you on my exploration with essential oils. I have quite a collection now and have been experimenting with them for specific ailments and general mood enhancement. I am also discovering their benefits for maintaining my overall health. Today I will outline my current regime and the brands and flavors I use.

Each morning, I use Grapefruit essential oil from both Young Living (YL) and Rocky Mountain Oil (RMO) companies.






I combine it with a few drops of Jojoba oil and apply it to my skin after my shower. Not only is it invigorating but it is also known to ease water retention and be a cleansing element for the kidneys and lymphatic system. In addition, grapefruit oil does not produce skin irritation when exposed to sunlight as other citrus oils can. With the YL oil, I can also add a drop to a 16 oz container of water for a refreshing drink.








I keep a diffuser in my yoga practice space and use it daily. I usually add 5-6 drops of either YL’s Peace and Calming or RMO’s Tranquility. There are several oils mixed together in these blends. Patchouli keeps me calm and grounded while the citrus scents of tangerine and orange energize and uplift. Ylang Ylang is a great oil to incorporate into any type of yoga practice because it balances male and female energies, adding focus and alignment.

Although I try to stay moderate in my physical activity, sometimes the action of yoga or hiking can be stressful on my body. When I experience aches and pains, I use YL’s PanAway and RMO’s Aligning blends.









The Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Clove and Peppermint in PanAway are all anti-inflammatory and help to reduce muscle soreness. I use a drop or two on a damp washcloth and treat it like a compress over the area of swelling or injury. I used it on a bee sting last weekend and it worked wonders!

Aligning is all about balance and oxygenation. With its ingredients of Blue Tansy, Spruce and Frankincense, it can specifically target spinal misalignments because its oils are grounding and promote the flow of oxygen. Along with Valor by YL, this blend is known to balance and align subtle energies within the body. I apply a drop neat (no dilution) onto the bottom of each foot.

I am having fun exploring and discovering the benefits of essential oils. In addition to the information provided by the EO companies, I have purchased a phone app called Reference Guide for Essential Oils (it’s also available in book form). It is an easy to use application that provides information on all of the single oils and some blends (YL brands only). It also gives you an alphabetical list of ailments and several oil recommendations for each particular condition.

I would love us to share our experiences! Please click on the comment link and tell me about your amazing oil discoveries!


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