Your Brain on Yoga

adorando el solWe are blessed with brains that are both practical and mysterious. Although science has thoroughly studied this amazing organ, there are numerous discoveries yet to be uncovered. No wonder it is so well protected and sits up so high!

These last few weeks I have been exploring what I will call mind yoga. The concept of which is cultivated through energy alignment, pranayama and meditation.

In order to truly be aligned, energy should be generated at all levels of the chakric system – from the muladhara or root chakra all the way up to the sahasrara or crown chakra.

In yoga, there are several postures to facilitate and balance these energy centers. Since I have covered most of them in past posts, today I will focus on the uppermost level of the chakric chain.

Although the headstand is associated with the crown chakra, it is not accessible for many yoga practitioners. Another effective way of connecting with this highest chakra is the rabbit pose. woman in yoga rabbit pose isolated

My go to sequence for mind clarification begins with a very slow movement into and out of rabbit pose. Be careful to not put too much pressure on the head. You can use your arms to help carry the weight.

Once my body becomes upright, I take a comfortable seat. Then, I perform the pranayama technique called Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. After several rounds of this technique, I sit quietly.

What almost always ensues is something I call the ultimate mind wash. To be more descriptive, I feel as though my mind shifts into neutral and for a few moments any concerns I have are insignificant. A true sense of clarity is felt.

Keep in mind that this sequence is more powerful when preceded by a well-rounded asana practice. Practicing it regularly can balance energies in the brain to keep the mind steady and focused.

Ideally this steadiness will begin to carry into your daily life and you will experience more softness and vitality.

Shanti my friends ☮️

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