My Latest Essential Oil Discovery: Frankincense

I periodically reevaluate my inventory of essential oils and select one to research and investigate. I love making new discoveries and learning how to incorporate the oils into my health regime.

Since there is little to no large scale scientific research involving essential oils, I think that it is very important for us, as users, to share our discoveries. For example, one of my first explorations was with the oil blend Peace & Calming. I tried it, thanks to my acupuncturist, when I had a bout with a facial nerve disorder. My journey with that particular oil was the reason that I started using aromatherapy for health purposes. Click here to see the original post.

Recently, I have delved into the world of Frankincense. This week I’d like to share my experience and tell you what Frankincense has done for me over the past month.

Frankincense Resin

Following the birth of my second child, I developed a skin growth on my hip. After checking it out with a dermatologist, I was told it was a seborrheic keratosis – a noncancerous skin growth – and not to worry about it. And it has never been a real problem.

But recently in researching frankincense oil and discovering that it is a known skin rejuvenator, I started trying it on a superficial scar that I have on my thigh. When diluted, the oil felt soothing and was helpful in reducing the appearance of the scar. So, when another seborrheic keratosis appeared on my jawline, I applied the frankincense to the area morning and night. Rather quickly, it started to dissipate. After a couple of weeks, I could barely feel it. To administer, I diluted approximately 1ml of frankincense with 4mls of jojoba oil and replaced the original cap with a roller ball. My husband also had a facial skin growth, we don’t know its origin, but it also disappeared after using the frankincense/jojoba blend. I am now using it twice daily on my larger seborrheic keratosis and, although it is getting flatter and smoother, there hasn’t been a significant change in size yet.

However, there has been another, unexpected side benefit from using frankincense. I am sleeping more soundly and not waking as often during the night! Since I am in the middle of menopause, this is a great boon. When I do wake, I am able to fall back to sleep more easily without feeling anxious. Prior to using frankincense, I would wake frequently at night and find it difficult to get back to sleep. Lying in bed, my mind used to race with a million thoughts. Despite all my efforts to rein in the emotions and reduce the chatter, I would still experience some anxiety. As a yogi, I know what it takes and feels like to be grounded and I can say that I experience this quality more regularly since I have been using the frankincense oil. It seems to amplify the breathing and meditation techniques I use for calming and settling my mind.

What I continue to learn by using essential oils is that results don’t happen overnight. Also, a little goes a long way. So, don’t assume that using more will produce a better outcome.

I think the most important take away here is that these are my discoveries. I have learned from reading about the oils, and also through my yoga studies, that these systems are not scientifically studied on large groups of humans. So we have to base fact on the individual experiences we share with one another. If you have an “oily story” you’d like to share, please leave it in the comment section. I’d love to hear it!

Since this post was delivered, I have had some emails regarding the specific oils that I use. So I have included this follow-up paragraph for reference.

If you are interested in getting started with essential oils or want to try frankincense for yourself, I would suggest you begin with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. Young Living is one of the most highly regarded essential oil companies around. They offer therapeutic grade oils of the purest quality. By purchasing the starter kit, you get an economical way to sample all of the basic oils and you get a diffuser too! It’s the way I started. You’ll also get my personal support and all of the extra information I’ve acquired for using your oil products. Just click here to access the YL website. Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have. 

9 thoughts on “My Latest Essential Oil Discovery: Frankincense

  1. Hi Kim,
    Thankyou for this article, I also have this skin condition, s, k,, and I have found that twice daily applications of colloidal silver greatly diminishes them. I soak a cotton cosmetic pad with the silver, and hold it on the area for 10 minutes twice a day until desired results are achieved.
    However, I have been told about frankincense oil that it has the highest vibration of any of the oils and is good for healing.

      1. redrockyoga

        Thank you for sharing, Kim. As an essential oil user, I appreciate learning about your experience with Frankincense. The secondary benefit you found of better sleep is intriguing. I sometimes use Lavender Greece essential oil diluted with jojoba oil on scars and have some success with the smoothing of the tissue. The aroma is soothing too. I enjoy the sensory experience of essential oils and know, even without specific evidence, the value they add to my life. I look forward to giving Frankincense a try.

      2. Thank you for communicating your experience! Lavender is my go to oil for superficial burns and scrapes but I’ve found it to be very soothing in general. And jojoba is my favorite carrier for diluting the essential oils. It’s been great fun getting to know how others are using the oils. I look forward to our continued discussions.

  2. Could you share the specific type of Frankincense oil you use Kim? Rocky Mountain, a supplier I use, offers three different types.


    1. Hi Brenda!
      In my case, I used the Boswellia carterii Frankincense oil made by Young Living. This carterii variety is known to help with the skin as well as provide mental grounding. I just asked the oil group I was with last week if the variety mattered and the consensus was that the Boswellia sacra Frankincense would be more connected to the meditative aspect. I don’t know about the Boswellia frereana variety. And some companies blend the Frankincense types. It’s an interesting oil with a lot of benefits …good luck in your journey!

      1. Brenda

        Thank you, Kim. Having some difficulties with my account. Not certain if my “thank you”posted.


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