Yoga as a Daily Ritual

Do you want to bring a daily yoga practice into your life? We are building a community of support for this very thing here on the blog each Sunday. Last week we began the process of inviting ourselves to stand open to receive. This week, we are choosing when and where we practice in order to establish a daily ritual.

As promised, I am now using this blog to supplement my new book, Yoga Posts: Building a Steady Yoga Practice One Day at a Time. In book club fashion, this will be our space to reflect on each chapter’s challenge and the ways we can honor the challenge throughout the week. Please look to my first post to get more information on how to begin.

Currently, we are exploring the book’s chapter Week #2: Here & Now.

I think that this is the most crucial step in establishing a steady yoga practice. Creating a time and place to begin your daily practice is harder than it sounds. Personally, I am in transition and getting ready to move into a new home next month. Therefore, my schedule and environment are a bit scattered. I have found it easier to do my formal yoga practice in the afternoon but I still want to maintain a morning meditation.

So I am doing this challenge in my bed each morning. Upon waking and once I have sat up tall, I set a timer and begin to follow my breath. I try to stay away from my iPhone before starting this ritual. I use a simple timing device to avoid all text/email distractions. While I may still be in my pajamas and a little sleepy, it is a warmer and more comfortable way to stay focused. Proof that you don’t need a formal yoga space to do the work!

Although this chapter covers the basic steps to begin a dedicated practice, it is up to you to personally make that daily commitment happen – anyway that you can. We all have things that can interrupt our schedules. But I have found, and continue to rediscover time and time again, that trying to make this the first 5 minutes of each day is critical to creating a lasting habit.

You may have found other tricks to keep this daily ritual – I’d love to hear about them! 💟

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