7 Ways to Dedicate Your Yoga Practice

Some days you just need a good reason to get out of bed and onto your mat. Lately, our impending move is motivation enough to rise and shine but when I need incentive to honor my practice first, I turn to dedication. This is my way of easing into the day, especially if it’s going to be a busy one.

This week I began each practice with a special dedication to stay focused on my greater purpose. Here are the seven different themes I chose to reflect upon.

#1 Surroundings – Because it is certainly a blessing to live in such a magical place – Sedona, AZ, my number one devotion is to my environment. All I need to do is look out my window to get a good appreciation for my connection to this place.

#2 Family – I send out my positive vibes to those that are most dear to me so that we can all be connected in love.

#3 Wisdom – This is something I have grown to appreciate more and more over the years. A special acknowledgement for those that have come before me and provided me with the teachings that have gotten me here.

#4 Health – It’s important for me to realize that I have to commit to this practice to stay in good physical and mental health.

#5 Awareness – Different from wisdom, awareness is the insight I need to expand myself and continue on the path to happiness and further awakening.

#6 Present Moment – Keeping the spirit of now is paramount as we move into the holiday season. We cannot let the smaller, more material things consume us. Think stillness, solstice, peace.

#7 Change – This is big one for me this month. To embrace it and let it flow over me is a challenge. I vow to make more room for the twists and turns that I will be experiencing as I make these new transitions.

I hope these suggestions will help you get more dedicated to your practice this coming week. It is a pleasure to share and connect!

As promised, I am now using this blog to supplement my new book, Yoga Posts: Building a Steady Yoga Practice One Day at a Time. This week’s post refers back to Chapter #5: Dedicate Today. If you wish to start at the beginning, please look to my first post.

5 thoughts on “7 Ways to Dedicate Your Yoga Practice

  1. Olga Bazhenova

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you for sharing. I wish I could help you to go through the big change and challenge. Stay strong, we all care and think about you! You must be getting more vibes than you can possibly send out, as so many of us love you.

    Warmly, Olga

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