Ascend into Beauty

Imagine a lotus plant as it floats peacefully on the surface of the water. Its beautiful petals extending wide open to receive the light. You can see its perfection, its radiance. What you cannot see is that its stem is tethered to dark, debris filled mud.

The lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment and self-regeneration. It stands as a triumph over obstacles. I love its meaning. It signifies, for me, one of the most important teachings of yoga. That we need to keep pushing through life’s mud, separating ourselves without distraction, to fully awaken. Although the lotus plant is firmly attached to the mud surrounding its roots, it is ascending skyward to get nourishment for its unfolding. And, as it surfaces, a lotus blossom appears, unsullied by the dirt that surrounds it.

We too are often entrenched in mire, by actions that keep us dwelling in the muddy waters. Yet we always have the option to rise above the negativity and respond in a productive manner if we choose to do so.

As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and the water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world.


Take this occasion to reflect on your reactions to the actions you are presented with – knowing that you always have a choice on how to respond to the obstacles you may be faced with in your life.

Happy Solstice!

As promised, I am now using this blog to supplement my new book, Yoga Posts: Building a Steady Yoga Practice One Day at a Time. This week’s post refers back to Chapter #7: Muddy Waters. If you wish to start at the beginning, please look to my first post.

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