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A new move to a new town in a new year has undoubtedly brought me a fresh perspective. By now we have unpacked the boxes, at least most of them, and the excitement of reestablishing a home and all that goes with it has dwindled. I am beginning to look ahead to my next “phase.” 

Before my transition, I researched materials for planning this next journey because I’ve learned, from previous moves, that a new environment is a great opportunity for reevaluation and fresh prospects. I knew that my latest transition would need reassessment and I wanted to start out with a good system for designing and organizing my new intentions. 

I ended up purchasing a MaxOut planner.  Its selling point was that it could help me “unlock my full potential, set meaningful goals and succeed in accomplishing my biggest dreams.” This particular journal/planner is complex with pages for goal setting, affirmations, reflection, tracking and, of course, planning the months, weeks and days. However, the first step to beginning the process is to ask yourself the big question: 

What do you want in life?

What do I really want to do? I began to journal out my dreams and goals to get clarity on what it was that I wanted to accomplish. I took time to evaluate my future and who I wanted to be in this new phase of my development. I thought my personal desire was to either hone my writing, expand my interior design opportunities or maybe even return to my role as a yoga teacher, so I developed some options for focusing on the best choice. 

I have a set of journaling cards that I use from time to time when I feel stuck or need inspiration. I turned to them to get more guidance on which path to choose. The first card was the card of Purity and Pursuit. It signaled that my purpose would require clarity, passion and aliveness. Hmmm…. okay. The second card I chose was the card of Creation which signifies patience and preparation for a new birth. Interesting, but what does this have to do with my vocation? The last card was the card of Reaching. It recommends gaining a clear pathway in order to find your way through or to something. It suggests that you ask for help to gain your highest good – using your heart and connections. Like the other two cards, it seemed so esoteric to me and didn’t appear to help point me in any specific direction. I gave up and took time to focus on other tasks hoping something would soon be revealed.

Later that day, I queued up a podcast that I regularly listen to – Elena Brower’s Practice You. Her guest was author Gabby Bernstein and they were discussing Bernstein’s new book, “Super Attractor.” The topic of getting what you want came up. They talked about becoming aligned and attuned with the universe in order to attract positive energy. They also suggested that if we let go, surrender doubt and allow the universe to provide, it will. Now the light bulb was beginning to shine brightly for me. All the dots were starting to connect. I hadn’t been digging deeply enough for what I wanted. 

I now realize that I need to be the best person I can be before my next phase can be revealed. The cards and the podcast were channeling the same message. Positivity and patience would beget clarity. So, my new main goal or purpose – what I want most in my life – is to feel good, be joyful and gain true freedom. Once I am on this higher vibration, I will receive the clear space to reveal my true path.

So, my new planner will be my guide to feeling good. Sounds simple enough. But the truth is that there are a lot of resistors out there (and in here 🧘🏻‍♀️). I look forward to mapping the road to my best self. For the next three months, I will focus on acceptance, trust, gratitude, having fun, faith in the universe, and asking for help along the way.

Consequently, my new start coincides with this week’s book chapter, “Clear the Channels.” It covers the subject of purification or saucha. In order to begin, we need to remove the congestion and false perceptions we carry. The first step in this challenge is to detach from destructive and harmful thinking patterns. This is tremendously cleansing for your state of mind. Sound familiar? Realigning with a higher, clearer and more peaceful state will deliver what you truly want.

As Ms. Bernstein says in her book, “interrupt negative energy and low-vibe thoughts so that you can redirect your life to flow toward what you desire.” Clearing the channels will allow a streaming beauty to flow through you so that you can connect to the life you want.

Be open to your greatness!

As promised, I am now using this blog to supplement my new book, Yoga Posts: Building a Steady Yoga Practice One Day at a Time. This week’s post refers back to Chapter #13: Clear the Channels. If you wish to start at the beginning of our journey, please look to my first post.

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