The Subtle Energy of Yoga

Just about everyone knows what yoga is – even though you may have never practiced it. The bending postures are mainstreaming in all forms of media and the effects of yoga are touted far and wide. Yoga is known to be good for flexibility, strength and alignment. It’s postures have the ability to make you feel grounded, energized, empowered and relaxed.

I began the practice specifically for its physical benefits some 30 years ago but along the way have discovered how beneficial it can be at a deep energetic layer.

Yoga’s subtle energetic system can be explained as the mind-body connection and dates back further than the yoga poses themselves. Much like Chi, yoga defines this energy as life force. The Sanskrit name is Prana.

Prana flows as oxygen does, fueling our bodies with essential energy. This pranic energy is conducted through the body by channels called nadis. There are believed to be some 70,000 nadis or channels located throughout the subtle body. At specific points of the body, these nadis converge and energy is collected in centers called chakras. You may have heard of the chakras. These are the areas or storehouses that contain the subtle energy. The vortexes, if you will, that lie within us.

There are 7 chakra sites. They begin at the base of the spine and stack up to the crown of the head. Although they are usually depicted as colored circles that line up along an image of the spine, chakras are not physiologically evident. However, there are specific elements, emotions, sounds, colors and smells attributed to each chakra.

At the end of this month I will be sharing my knowledge of the chakras in a free zoom course that I will be hosting called Yoga & the Chakras Series. It will be a 7-part program exploring the subtle energetics of yoga and the various practices and tools that we can use to balance these all important energy centers.

For our first class, I will introduce the Root Chakra – the energetic place for GROUNDING and STABILIZING which is especially important in this time of pandemic.

Yoga & the Chakras Series

Part 1: Get Grounded

Join Yoga Instructor Kim Luyckx and Acupuncturist Kayo Malik as they discuss:

Principles of Yoga

Chakra Energy Centers

Acupressure/TCM Perspective


Date: Saturday, May 29th at 11am (Hawaii)

    2pm (PST & AZ)  

    5pm (EST) 

Please email me at and I will send you the link for the zoom!

Namasté, Kim 🕉

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