Ways to Regulate Your Inner Heat

In the midst of summer, many of us are feeling the power of heat or fire. Although we can’t control the weather outside, we can learn to balance our inner fire to make the external heat more tolerable.

For some of us, the heat of summer is especially intense because we get overheated internally. We get aggravated from the list of chores we need to get done, the people in our lives inflame us because they aren’t doing things the way we think they should be done or, because we just can’t find enough time in our day, we tend to burn the midnight oil – which creates even more heat. 

The primary way to get our inner fire under control is to balance the energy of the solar plexus chakra. If we can tame the fire within, we are able to cool and refresh ourselves both inside and outside.  

The solar plexus chakra covers the region of the mid-body and is located below the sternum and behind the stomach. It is strongly associated with our digestive system. Not only in terms of the foods we ingest but the thoughts, ideas and information we take in and process. Therefore, the third chakra energy absorbs, organizes and manages our fire. When balanced, our fire motivates and focuses us to generate willpower that is harmonizing to our personality. It creates individuals who are radiant and see the world clearly. The solar plexus chakra, which is called manipura in Sanskrit, means “the city of gems.” I like to think that when our “gems” are polished properly, we will glow with clarity and purity – neither dull nor blinding.

For those who have overheated the solar plexus chakra with too much drive and focus:

  • I suggest you try to take time out to just “be.” This will soothe the intensity of doing and striving for more.
  • Take early morning time in nature to connect with the sounds, sights and smells.
  • Start spending more moments alone – just by yourself – maybe listening to music (no multi-tasking!).
  • Tune into the breath or meditate on your feelings and emotions.
  • Service others. This can ultimately lead to cultivating intention for humanity as a whole.

Even though temperatures are rising, some of you may find it difficult to get activated.

For those lacking in motivation, you need to bring more heat or self-discipline into your life:

For example, when you persevere in your yoga practice, you feel more balanced, purposeful and joyful. That daily intention, whether it be yoga asana, meditation, breathing practices, or any other goal you want to achieve will be the key to harnessing your energetic strength and developing your willpower. Once you do this, you will realize that you have more incentive. This “I can do it” attitude leads to greater contentment and confidence.

“As the trials increase, the errors become less. Then doubts become less, and when the doubts lessen, the effort also becomes less… direction will come, and when you go in the right direction, wisdom begins. When wise action comes, you no longer feel the effort as effort- you feel the effort as joy.”  -B.K.S. Iyengar (The Tree of Yoga)

With characteristics of the fire element, manipura fuels balanced ambition and confidence without egotism and arrogance. Therefore, the steady flow of prana through this third chakra gives us self-confidence, motivation and direction.

If you want to learn more about cultivating solar plexus energy, come join us at our free zoom class Monday, July 12th at 5pm (PST). I will be accompanied by Chinese Medicine Expert, Kayo Malik as we continue our 7-part series: Yoga & the Chakras. Together, we will explore how tools such as yoga, acupressure and essential oils can balance our energetic centers. You can email me at yogabdstudio@gmail.com for the link.

Here’s to our brilliance!

Namasté, Kim 🕉

Top Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

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