The Energy of Love

This month, I’ll be dedicating the blog to the energy of love. For a couple of reasons, my monthly Zoom class series, Yoga & the Chakras is addressing the heart chakra in August and also, this month my husband and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary.

What is it that connects the heart so strongly to the energy of love?

In Sanskrit, the word for heart is Hridaya, and it means the core or the essence. Essence can be described as the juice of life, it is the prime substance, the vital and indispensable part of us. The heart is physically and symbolically the seat of life. It circulates blood and nutrients from the center to the periphery. It is a muscle that contracts and relaxes and receives motor nerve impulses. It is the place where thoughts, emotions and energy are received, evaluated and circulated. It represents consciousness and unconditional love.

As the central or innermost part of us, the heart contains the energy of love. It is warm, deep and radiating.

In yoga and Ayurveda, the heart chakra is called Anahata. The word Anahata means “unstruck.” In all my lessons, I could never really understand or correlate that definition with the heart chakra until recently. I have been reading a book called Happy Yoga by Steve Ross – a wonderful book that focuses on the joys of yoga. In it, the definition of Anahata that Ross provides is eyeopening. He explains that “through truth-seeking and yoga practice, the Anahata chakra opens and unconditional love gushes forth to reveal a heart chakra that is unstruck – as though no transgression, violation, heartbreak or emotional injury had ever happened.”

When unconditional love and forgiveness take over, your perspective of the world is changed.

This is something I can understand. The feeling of unconditional love that creates such a strong connection between you and the world – a oneness. So that when anything is inflicted upon you, you interpret it through true compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. You see the best in everything and everyone. I have experienced this through the guidance of a great yogi and felt that feeling of genuine love – as though I was the channel through which love flowed. I also felt it very strongly the day I was married. It wasn’t just my love for my soon to be husband, but it was how, together, we were a conduit for the energy of love for all.

With the heart chakra open and receptive, any negative actions or situations will be guided by that original, unconditional love that resides within all of us. When you become open and accepting, you have returned to your original, unstruck (and unstuck) existence.

So, how can we uncover the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing this state of love?

First, enjoy the simple things in life.

Many times we cover ourselves with television, work, and other distractions that mask our ability to see life as it truly is. Go out into the nature and really listen and observe. Meditate on the fact that you are part of the trees, birds, rocks, plants, everything.

Get Some Tools to Enhance Your Energy.

Uncover the states of illusion, delusion, craving, loyalties and prejudices so that you can see the reality and revel in the state of objectivity – where there is meaning beyond your own mind. 

On August 21, I will be guiding a free class for the energy of the heart chakra. Here I will be offering many tools through yoga, acupressure and aromatherapy that will assist in stimulating the energy of self-love and the love for others.

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Namasté, Kim💜

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