Communicate Your Truth

Throughout our lives we are subjected to impressions of who we think we should be. We absorb these distorted beliefs and allow them to influence us. A lot of times we even define ourselves by them. Why do we do this?

Because our minds are quick. They receive stimuli and respond immediately. When we instantly react to situations, we are functioning on a purely emotional level. Usually these responses come from a place of fear or conditioning – from sources that are generated outside ourselves. In order to recognize the truth of who we are, we need to provide time and space for inner reflection.

How do we get our thoughts to reflect truthfulness?

For me, it’s first about acceptance. Accepting the things I can or can’t change, the past and all of its lessons. No criticisms. No judgments. If I don’t judge myself then I can live without judging others. This creates a pathway for truth.

So, when a feeling rushes in, take a moment to observe what has come into your mind. Is this thought really accurate? Is it who you are? This is the first step toward connecting with your authentic spirit – one of honesty, without pretense, where you aren’t criticizing your performance or abilities or obsessing on what you should be doing.

And, once you are having truthful thoughts, you will be able to speak truthfully.

But, truthful speaking doesn’t mean just saying everything that “is.” You should definitely not be saying things that could be harmful to others. Your words should be beneficial to be spoken. And, as we all know, that is easier said than done.

Another aspect of verbal truthfulness is keeping your word. This is important for honoring yourself as much as it is for honoring others.

Truth in action is uplifting and can change your perspective and the vibrations all around you.

When our innermost truths get expressed, we are able to guide others gracefully and with purpose.

When we use our energy to connect our inner world with our outer world, we are connecting with the subtle energy of the throat chakra. This is the chakra that is the most influenced by our truthfulness and communication.

The 5th Chakra or Vissuddha is located in the area of the throat and is your communication center – figuratively and spiritually.  The Sanskrit name, Vissuddha means pure.  When your throat chakra is balanced your self-expression is clear, virtuous, and free of pollutants.

Some of us may be more open or expressive and require more editing and then there are those of us that need to be coaxed to speak. Imbalances in the throat chakra are sometimes designated as extroverted and introverted energies. We all know those who tend to speak too freely, critically even, and without thinking. And, on the other extreme, there are those that have trouble speaking their minds, are easy silenced and seem to have no desire to express their opinion.

Communicating your truth, while striving to stay virtuous and beneficial, can be difficult. There are times when we just have to express our needs and wants. So, how can we manage this?

In our next Yoga & the Chakras zoom class, I will provide tools on how to create more balance for the throat chakra. So if you, or someone you know, needs some expressive energy tuning, sign up below and join me to learn techniques for communicating harmoniously. It’s free!

Thanks for following along! Namasté, Kim.

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