Balancing Your Communication Center

Is there a frog in your throat? Or, did a cat get your tongue? Maybe you find yourself buttoning your lips often? Perhaps you speak with a forked tongue, have a loose tongue or often wag your tongue? Do you speak your mind or do you pay lip service? Do you let people put words in your mouth?

These are all ways our throat chakra shows its imbalance. An imbalance is attributed to an over or under expression of emotions, thoughts or perceptions. We might feel anxious or nervous, so we don’t speak up. On the other hand, we might be overexcited or domineering and feel the need to talk all the time.

Luckily, we have tools to steady our communication centers and essential oils are an important one. Essential oils can give us clarity so that we may be more balanced, purposeful and truthful in our speech. The oils below are especially geared to the energies in our Vissuddha chakra center or the 5th chakra located in the area of the throat known as the communication center – figuratively and spiritually. The Sanskrit name, Vissuddha means very pure.  When your throat chakra is balanced, your self-expression is clear, virtuous, and free of pollutants.

One of the best oils for opening your throat is Eucalyptus.

When inhaled, Eucalyptus essential oil clears and cleanses the throat. Emotionally, it energizes the mind and promotes feelings of well-being, particularly when you may be overwhelmed or constricted by grief. Eucalyptus is all about letting go – to increase space for you to fully express your thoughts and emotions.

Chamomile soothes and encourages your expression.

Roman and German Chamomile are wonderfully calming and relaxing to the body and mind. These oils are particularly helpful if you suffer from anxiety which can impair your ability to speak your truth. Chamomile offers support when you are feeling that your voice doesn’t count. Or, if you commonly experience irritation, chamomile can balance with calming peace.

EndoFlex, my favorite for supporting the adrenals and thyroid – prime glands for balancing the throat chakra energy.

EndoFlex promotes renewed energy and self worth. It helps one release emotions of fatigue and immobility. It motivates when you need a gentle push in a new direction. There are several herbal components within this blend that energetically support a healthy thyroid and other endocrine glands:

Spearmint – antioxidants, soothes throat.

Sage – uplift and aid with mental fatigue.

German Chamomile – supports the body’s response to irritation – evoking patience & peace.

Nutmeg – supports adrenal glands – energizing.

Geranium – balances hormones.

Myrtle – balances thyroid.

This is a proprietary blend by Young Living.

Essential oils are a wonderful, natural boost for an inactive communication center. They also have the ability to harness and calm an overly expressive one. The beauty is that essential oils are capable of sensing and generating equilibrium wherever it is needed. Along with a good diet and yoga practice, the oils are part of my toolkit for wellbeing.

I use YL brand of essential oils because I know they are pure and have undergone rigorous testing before distribution.

If you’d like to check out more information – just click here to go directly to my YL website. There, I have assembled a Throat Chakra Package and some of my favorite oil selections. I also offer a link to my monthly Zoom classes.

And, as an important side note, I’d like to remark that today is the start of the Autumnal Equinox – an event that celebrates balance! Here is a passage I revisit each time we reach this season of equilibrium. Enjoy!

We have come to the point of balance, where that which is above meets that which is below; where the paths of the Sun and the Moon meet, and stillness is the greatest revelation.

Today, we pass through the portal of the autumnal equinox, where day and night are of equal intensity and duration.

Attune yourself afresh to stillness. Attune yourself to joy. Attune yourself to that which awakens your heart and touches your spirit.

Be kind, gentle, humble and wise. Grace the world with your presence and make it a happier place to dwell.

-David Lipshultz

Namasté, Kim

3 thoughts on “Balancing Your Communication Center

  1. I’m not a big fan of eucalyptus for some reason – maybe because I associate it with head colds. My husband loves this scent. We are opposites 😂 I prefer fresh peppermint which helps with focus 🧘‍♀️

      1. My favorite oils are the roll-on kind. I use a peppermint one before I start work. It helps me focus, and I find that it also helps with my anxiety 🙂

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