Sandalwood Oil for Clarity

While there are many essential oils that can clarify and bring us into the present moment, there’s nothing (at least for me) like Sandalwood to put my mind into a calm and lucid state. For yogis, Sandalwood is the quintessential oil.

It is the wood used in traditional malas – the 108 beaded necklace made for meditation practice. Sandalwood has been much loved for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and throughout the world for revitalizing the skin and assisting with yoga and spirituality. It is known to improve focus, concentration and relieve stress – it can literally “cool” your head. A paste of sandalwood or chandan is ceremonially used to apply to the third eye space (right between the brows) to block negative energies from entering the body.

The third eye chakra vibrates at one of the highest frequencies of all the chakras (second only to our crown). Therefore, when we diffuse and apply the sandalwood oil to elevate this energy center, we should choose one that is pure and high quality.

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time to access our higher knowing. 

Ancient cultures have known the power of sandalwood. It is mentioned in the Vedic texts (1200-900 BCE) as being a sacred material for purification and healing. In general, whenever we discuss essential oils, we must keep in mind that these are not some company’s invention for “new age” cures. The discoveries and usages of these substances have been recognized for many millennia.

And the ancient cultures were very aware that the energy brought forth by nature – in such a concentrated form – offered benefits far beyond what we were capable of reaching on our own.

Essential oils contain sesquiterpenes.

Sesquiterpines are chemical components found in many essential oils. They have the ability to oxygenate cells – especially in the pineal and pituitary glands – by passing into the blood brain barrier.

I wrote in a previous post how the third eye is associated with the pineal and pituitary glands. Their function is reliant on a good flow of oxygen to operate optimally. And, Sandalwood oil is one of the highest in sesquiterpines. Although this research is more present day, ancient sages were correct in their belief that Sandalwood contained healing qualities. It is capable of removing negative programming from the cells and increasing the oxygen around the pituitary and pineal glands. And, when oxygen levels are increased, mental clarity is increased.

Which Sandalwood is best?

Unfortunately, authentic, pure Sandalwood essential oil is difficult to obtain. The varieties that are most known come from India and harvesting has been, until late, uncontrolled. For many years, the trees were not farmed in a sustainable fashion and are now quite scarce due to disease and poaching. Therefore, Sandalwood oil is highly lucrative and in great demand by perfume companies.

Australian grown Sacred Sandalwood is becoming a good alternative source with improvements being made in growing, production and sustainability. Plantations have been multiplying and are becoming very successful.

Another Sandalwood source is making its return on the big island of Hawaii. Young Living has partnered with local farmers to create the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project. What was once a thriving, indigenous tree in the region, Sandalwood suffered from invasive species and over harvesting. Since 2014, Young Living’s Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is harvested only from dead or dying sandalwood trees in order to preserve ecological balance and to maintain respect for the sacred land. Harvesting occurs when a tree reaches the end of its natural life which, fortunately, also happens to be when the highest percentage of oil is found.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has a grounding, velvety wood aroma which is known to be slightly sweeter than the sacred variety. Both are on the pricier side of the scale at around $130 when available.

There is a more economical way to use Sandalwood, and that is in the form of a hydrosol. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol is produced during the distillation of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil and has many of the same constituents in a lower concentration. It comes in a 3.7 fluid oz spray bottle and is wonderful to mist onto the skin to calm and hydrate.

When used with purpose and intention, sandalwood oil allows you to function at a greater spiritual level – one with a higher vibration and the ability to gain access to a profound sense of knowing.

Aloha my friends! 🕉🌱

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