Receive Your Wisdom

As I sit down to plan the last installment of our Yoga & the Chakra series, I am looking for a way to explain how it is that the final chakra in this energy lineup isn’t really a chakra at all.

The crown chakra doesn’t have any true and specific characteristics like the other chakras below it. No exact color, element, sense organ, anatomical part or yoga pose can be assigned to it. Its petal count is 1000 which is defined in the ancient texts as infinity. Resting at the top, it isn’t a center of energy at all but instead a magnificent opening for receiving and transmitting.

As our universal connection, this last energy matrix is a place for all of the accumulated chakra qualities to converge and merge with the macrocosm. The crown receives its opulence when all of the other chakras below it are collaborating and supportive of one another.

So, how can I explain this in real life experience?

For me, nature is the educator here. It’s as if each chakra were: the rooted tree, the flowing river, the transforming power of the sun, the tender flower, the call of a bird and the night sky – when it seems as though there are more stars than emptiness. These are the energies that inspire and connect me to my greater purpose.

Connecting with nature, I become a part of the whole.

Root Chakra: home base, strong, sanctuary, survival needs, self sufficiency & smelling the essence.

Sacral Chakra: fluid, drawing, drinking, nourishing, connecting with self, cleansing, dwelling in place & tasting life.

Solar Plexus Chakra: heat, waking/sleeping cycles, life supporting opportunities & the power that we regenerate and absorb.

Heart Chakra: opening, cooling, emoting, giving/receiving, fearlessness & closeness.

Throat Chakra: communication, listening, patience & exchanging information with your surroundings.

Third Eye Chakra: expansiveness, honesty, oneness, present moment awareness & abiding in nature.

When you are fully connected through the nature, the crown opens and you arrive at the place where the seer, the process of seeing and the scenery merge.

You receive your wisdom.

Sat Chit Ananda, Kim 🕉

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