The Yoga & the Chakras Series Finale

Yoga & the Chakras Series
Part 7: Receive Your Wisdom
In our final installment in this series, Yoga & the Chakras, we will be presenting the system of yoga and how we can use it to create greater healing and balance specifically through the body’s subtle energy centers.
The Crown Chakra is the culmination of all of the energies below it. 
When accessible, the Crown allows us to cross over into the realm of the supreme consciousness where we have access to a state of pure BLISS.
Join Yoga Instructor Kim Luyckx and Acupuncturist Kayo Malik as they discuss:
Principles of Yoga
Chakra Energy Centers
Acupressure/TCM Perspective
Date: Saturday, November 20th at 2pm (EST)    

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Namasté, Kim.

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