The Nature of True Healing

Having just received my certification as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, I am now ready to share my newly acquired wisdom on the subject.

Over the past year, I enjoyed a wonderfully presented, traditional training program* that synthesized vast quantities of information straight from the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

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As a lover of yoga, I’ve always had the desire to learn more about the nature of true healing. Through my yoga studies, I received glimpses of Ayurveda and admired how these “sister sciences” blend to create one complete healing system.

So, it felt like a natural transition to move into the study of Ayurveda – the amazing science of life. I hope my sharing will be beneficial to you, my readers!

The goal is to take from now until the end of Spring to break down the concept of Ayurveda into its ABC’s. I’ve developed a plan to present a topic each week that will hone in on the details and give you some tips for incorporating the wisdom of Ayurveda into your life.

Let’s get started right away with the letter A.

A stands for Ayurveda

Ayur= life

Veda=wisdom/knowledge or science.

As a traditional form of medicine, Ayurveda originates from the Vedic Period in India which was approximately 4,000 to 1,000 BCE. Over the centuries it has been practiced and codified in ancient texts, evolving into an integral part of India’s culture.

Ayurveda is unique in a variety of aspects:

1.) Ayurveda respects the uniqueness of a person.

Ayurveda considers every aspect of the human system by recognizing that we all exist on a physical, social, familial, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, behavioral and cosmic level. We are not just a body but a body, mind and soul.

2.) Ayurveda views health to be the responsibility of the individual. Its motto is “you are your own healer.”

In identifying the problem, Ayurvedic counselors can help the person to understand the root cause of imbalance. But, the real healing is done by the individual – the true healer (you).

3.) Ayurveda identifies with the rhythm of nature.

We are living “life” which Ayurveda considers to be “the period of time where an uninterrupted flow of nature occurs through form.” Therefore, we should learn to thrive with the rhythm of nature in all of its phases and connections. It makes sense that we utilize nature’s routines and remedies to heal and balance ourselves.

I love the simplicity and the depth that the study of Ayurveda provides. I look forward to sharing my newfound knowledge with you!

And, I am excited to announce that in addition to this blog, I will now be hosting a podcast called “On Wellness Way” – you can find it on Spotify or iTunes.

Welcome to the path of wellness! Namaste, Kim 🕉🌱

*Kerala Ayurveda Academy

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