Be the Light That is Returning

To appreciate the wonder and joy of the season, let’s reflect on this magical poem from Robinson Jeffers:

“The things that one grows tired of—O, be sure

They are only foolish artificial things!

Can a bird ever tire of having wings?

And I, so long as life and sense endure,

(Or brief be they!) shall nevermore inure

My heart to the recurrence of the springs,

Of gray dawns, the gracious evenings,

The infinite wheeling stars. A wonder pure

Must ever well within me to behold

Venus decline; or great Orion, whose belt

Is studded with three nails of burning gold,

Ascend the winter heaven. Who never felt

This wondering joy may yet be good or great:

But envy him not: he is not fortunate.”

Wonder and Joy – Robinson Jeffers

Sending deepest blessings to all of my fellow yogis out there. May we refresh ourselves and kindle the flame of compassion, joy and wonder for this holiday so that we be a light for those who most need it.

Happy Solstice!


Alfalfa Sprout

Many of my students know that I love the poetry of Danna Faulds. She is a reflective writer who shares her loving perspective of yoga and nature in her works.

Lately, I am reading some poems from her book, One Soul, in our classes.  Here is a perfectly appropriate piece for spring and our March theme of strength and energy.

Alfalfa Sprout

I am so ready. Squeezed inside this tiny seed, I am coiled energy, waiting for water and light, waiting to breathe, waiting for the green of me to come forth. Compact potential, waiting to unwind, waiting to find my way out, waiting for a rebirth into something far different than I’ve It’s time. I know it’s time. Oh, have you ever seen anything as lovely as this shoot, this root reaching out and down, drinking life in? To create a leaf worthy of being eaten is a full-blown miracle to me.