YOLY Challenge #8: Roll Out Your Mat


We started the Year of Living Yogically Challenge on week #1 with a simple request – take 5 minutes each day to breathe.

This week, I’d like you to take that commitment one step further.

Spend 10 minutes each day to do one or two yoga poses that are familiar to you.  Or, if its a “down day”, enjoy a relaxation pose like Savasana. The important thing is to roll out your mat and set your timer for 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes – no more.

Ideally, and if it suits your schedule, try to do your practice at the same time each day.


YOLY Challenge #2: Invite Yourself to Practice


This week’s Year of Living Yogically Challenge is: Invite Yourself to Practice.

yoga-940359__180  Each time you get on your mat, formally mark the start of your asana session with an awakening. Whether you are in class or alone, you can call on your heart, mind and body to stand open in order to receive all of the benefits yoga can bring to you.

An Invocation to Practice

Now is the time to be clear again. Put aside all tasks and concerns, relinquish your grip on any ideals or expectations you may have about your practice.

Pledge to accept what “is” at each given moment.

Bow your head to the wisdom of your heart.