Support A Steady Yoga Practice: Zest Things Up!

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” ~translation of Sanskrit Mantra Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

This week, we will continue to explore the individual poses of yoga or the asanas by addressing the second energy center that is located at the level of the pelvis. It is called the svadhisthana chakra or the pelvic chakra. It also strongly relates to the planet Pluto. A practice for this chakra will be very fluid and energizing.   Continue reading “Support A Steady Yoga Practice: Zest Things Up!”

Support A Steady Yoga Practice: Is This Too Much?

Remember the most essential aspect of healthy yoga is going inward and growing more mindful with each breath. Let us not get distracted by “getting better” at yoga with our drive to achieve more. Instead, let us focus on deepening our relationship with our bodies in a way that is empowering and mindful.

One of the most difficult yamas (restraints) within the 8 limb-fold system of yoga to define is brahmacharya. 

Literally, it means celibacy. However, it can also be defined as non-sensuality, which is the detachment from fulfilling the senses. 


When we dwell over objects of the senses, we tend to develop attachments. And, attachments can cause us to become imbalanced. Excess is almost always harmful.  Ever hear of too much of a good thing?
Continue reading “Support A Steady Yoga Practice: Is This Too Much?”

Support A Steady Yoga Practice: What is Your Truth?

…we should progressively embrace what is real for us, so that we may find health and harmony. As you go deeper into yoga, remember that you are doing this study in order to remember yourself, to come home to all of you…  – Rolf Gates

In our practices this week, let’s focus on the second ethical quality or yama known as truthfulness. As a moral principle, truthfulness or satya, as it is called in Sanskrit, asks us to convey truth responsibly. Like the other yamas, we should consider truthfulness in thought, speech and action.

This week set a goal for yourself to be more authentic in your asana practice. Continue reading “Support A Steady Yoga Practice: What is Your Truth?”

YOLY Challenge #16: Label Your Practice Days

We are taking a break with the chakra challenges this week.  If you are following along, we will continue our journey and rise upward to Chakra #3 next Monday.

With my relocation to a new home, new routines have arisen and infected my yoga practice.  Drastic interruptions require drastic measures.  I need my yoga more now than ever!  On this a “slower” day, I am reflecting on how I can re-balance and recommit to my daily practice.  First off, I absolutely need to make my practice the first thing I do in the morning.  Putting it off for more “important things” is not acceptable.  Saying “I’ll do it this afternoon” is not in the cards – I’m always caught up in projects, phone calls, emails…moving and selling a home is filled with task after task.

So, if you feel as I do, join me this week for a YOLY Challenge called “Label Your Practice Days.”  Through this technique, I hope to motivate myself (and you) to practice each and every day.

My idea is to designate a practice tag line for each day of the week.  The labels not only provide a preset plan but assure that during the week the practice will be variable and well-rounded.

Here are my suggestions.  Feel free to use my labels or tweak them to suit your needs/preferences:

Sunday – Sun Salutation

Monday – Meditation

Tuesday – Tudor: take something from a class you learned.

Wednesday – Water: this is a weird one but I associate water with flow and designate this day to vinyasa or flow sequences.

Thursday – Theme: pick a specific asana subject like backbends, forward bends, inversions, hip openers, arm balances, etc.

Friday – Freedom: a true “go with the flow” day to get on your mat and do what you feel you need to do.  This is a tough one but important for developing your own practice.  Put some music on and just let yourself get carried away…

Saturday – Saturate: my favorite lately.  A day for marinating in a yin or restorative pose.

Remember these two rules to follow:

1.) Only practice for 10 minutes per day as recommended in YOLY Challenge #8

2.) Try to make it the first thing you do each day (after a cup of tea or coffee perhaps).