Ways to Regulate Your Inner Heat

In the midst of summer, many of us are feeling the power of heat or fire. Although we can’t control the weather outside, we can learn to balance our inner fire to make the external heat more tolerable.

For some of us, the heat of summer is especially intense because we get overheated internally. We get aggravated from the list of chores we need to get done, the people in our lives inflame us because they aren’t doing things the way we think they should be done or, because we just can’t find enough time in our day, we tend to burn the midnight oil – which creates even more heat. 

The primary way to get our inner fire under control is to balance the energy of the solar plexus chakra. If we can tame the fire within, we are able to cool and refresh ourselves both inside and outside.  

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Get Twisted!

I have dedicated this month to restoring my body.  Revitalizing the body is for everyone. A gentle, unhurried yoga practice permits us to nurture ourselves and establish a relationship between our breath and body that feeds us and brings new energy to our lives.

I am finding that the deepest restoration work, for me, is accomplished through twisting postures.  Twists are basically a way of giving yourself an internal massage.  But be warned, in the process of healing, a twist is capable of releasing toxins into your blood stream that could give you flu or cold-like symptoms.  So, if you are focusing on twists – drink extra water to dilute those contaminates.

And, now for the really good news.  Twists target the Manipura and Anahata chakras.  As we have learned, these are important chakras that rule over your metabolism and breath mechanics.  Esoterically, they are the centers of power, purpose, love and compassion.  No wonder I feel so much positiveness when I restore via twists!

For this Friday Focus, we reiterate a pose performed in class that I have termed  “lifted twist”. Its unique quality is that it supplies us with a truly effortless release.

Be sure to keep the twist initiating from your torso and stabilize the knees via some firm support.

If you do not have a bolster or want to decrease the “lift”, use your blankets (1-2 depending on your comfort level) to stack underneath your hips and add a block between the knees.


Full Steam Ahead!


After skirting around a bit this last week, we are finally back on track with Chakra Three – the Manipura Chakra.

The seat of our power, this chakra is responsible for giving us our drive – our strength.  Consider what makes you feel strong and move ahead full steam.

If you are on the timid side, flexing your Manipura muscles is a good idea.  However, if you tend toward perfectionism or the need for status and recognition, drop back into a more restorative backbend and let the chakra cool off.

Here are some tips for keeping your Manipura chakra on course:

  • Deep Breathing
  • Use lemongrass to become that focused warrior
  • Sit on a sunny rock and meditate
  • Try your hand at painting, drawing or another visual art
  • Set goals or intentions & write a list of steps that get you there
  • Choose a mantra and repeat it a few times each day




YOLY Challenge #17: Catch the Energy from Your Solar Plexus

Our chakra journey continues today with the third level, the Manipura chakra.  It is anatomically connected with the solar plexus. This is a region that covers the mid-body and can be associated with the stomach or gut yet is literally a ganglia of nerves located behind the abdominal region at the level of the first lumbar vertebra.

The third chakra is related to our power, our intention and desires. The balanced movement of prana through this area gives us self-confidence, motivation and direction.

It’s an auspicious time to catch a solar wave as we move toward the Autumnal Equinox – the phase when our days in the sun become diminished as longer nights trump longer days.

So, soak up the sun while you can and harness its energy with yoga.



Try one pose each day this week:

1.) Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

2.) Virabhadrasana I – 1st Warrior Pose

3.) Virahbadrasana II – 2nd Warrior Pose

4.) Virabhadrasana III – 3rd Warrior Pose

5.) Supta Hasta Padangusthasana – Reclining Hand to Foot Pose

6.) Trikonsana – Triangle Pose

7.) Vasisthasana – Side Plank

Use your belly brain to discover your hidden power.

“The technique a teacher passes on are petals on the flower, but the stem is inside you. No one can show you what that looks and feels like. They can help you learn and show you what they have found useful but the inner teachings are going on all the time – the little discoveries that can only be made from within as you compare the you that was with the you that is awakening.”