Daily Cycles, Circadian Rhythms and Life’s Phases

clear glass with red sand grainer

Ayurveda’s goal is to achieve, maintain and preserve our health and prevent disease. Prevention is the key in Ayurveda. In order to prevent dis-ease we need to create balance by moving with the flow of nature and harmonizing our tendencies.

We all have specific tendencies (or doshas) and it is important to identify your tendencies in order to begin to balance them. Hopefully, you are already familiar with your basic dosha energies. If not, please connect with my dosha post.

These tendencies or inherent qualities are affected by the daily cycle of darkness as it transitions to light, the rhythms in nature (which are the seasons) and the various phases we move through during our life. Therefore, time is a key component for balance in Ayurveda. Time or Kala as it is called in Sanskrit is the cyclic remodeler of our lives. 

I will soon talk of the specific lifestyle routines of Ayurveda, but for now I would like to introduce time as it relates to the doshas or the functional energies of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 

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