YOLY Challenge #7: Take a Resurrection Breath

So far, in this Year of Living Yogically, we have learned two ways to formally begin our yoga practice:

1.) by creating a sacred space (see week #6).

2.) through invocation (see week #2).

This week, I offer you a third method for initiating your practice – it’s called the Resurrection Breath.  

Deeply inhale. While holding that inhalation, turn your head to the left. Exhale in two quick breaths (haa, haaa). Turn your head back to center. Inhale your “first real” breath to mark the start of your practice.

Symbolically, this technique gets rid of the emotional self (with the exhalation) so that we can reawaken to a new level of awareness (through the inhalation).

Keep it simple. Only use this Resurrection Breath to initiate your practice this week.

Eventually, if it feels appropriate, you could combine the three methods: Resurrection Breath, Sacred Space and Invocation. Although it may seem overwhelming and time consuming, once you are practiced, it only takes a couple of minutes to merge the techniques.