YOLY Challenge #6 : Create a Sacred Space

Each time you perform your practice, whether it is an hour long asana session or simply a few moments of focusing on your breath, you are executing a sacred action.

This week I challenge you to provide a sacred space for your mind to begin its activity.


The actual location you utilize is insignificant. It could be a room that you have dedicated to your practice, a smaller section within a certain room or even a chair or place on the floor. What is important is that your mind has clear purposeful space for the energy that you will be employing.

Here are the steps for Creating a Sacred Space:

  1. If possible, face east in the daytime and north after sunset. 
  2. Begin in a seated posture that is comfortable.
  3. Create a circle of light or energy around yourself:

Exhale completely and inhale deeply and slowly.  As you exhale, make one mental circle of light or energy around your body, then a second circle around the room and finally a third to encircle the entire building that you are in.  Be sure to do the three circles with one exhalation.

Inhale again, this time as you exhale extend this field of energy or light up and down into the infinite space above and below you.

4. Then perform your Invocation to Practice.

Now you are ready to commence your session.  The energy and intention that you have established will enrich your experience.