YOLY Challenge #14: Getting to the Root

This week we will begin a series of “Chakra Challenges”.

chakras-310119__180Chakras are wheels or rings of energy connected to specific areas of the body. Although they are usually depicted as colored circles that line up along an image of the spine, chakras are not physiologically evident. Instead, they are part of a complex known as the subtle body. Along with the nadis (which we will revisit later in the week), chakras are pathways for the pranic energy that is carried within the body.

Specific yoga postures, sounds, colors, smells and emotions are attributed to each chakra.  Our challenges will focus on the postures and how they can regulate the chakras.

As we explore, it will be our intention to balance the energy at a specific chakra level. Certain chakras can be tight or closed off, restricting the flow of prana. On the contrary, some chakras may be too open, emitting too much energy.

We begin with the first chakra, the Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra.thailand-1340898__180

Associated with the earth, this chakra is what grounds us.  If you are feeling insecure, unsure or fearful, you need to root.  This condition happens to all of us at one time or another.  Transitions, major changes or traveling have the potential to uproot us.

Here are seven postures for getting to your root.  Do one pose daily this week:

  1. Supported Savasana (Corpse)
  2. Virasana (Hero)
  3. Balasana (Child’s)
  4. Malasana (Squat)
  5. Utkatasana (Chair)
  6. Tadasana (Mountain)
  7. Uttanasana (Full Forward Bend)

“You are not separate from the earth, you are of the earth. As you go about your day, let the natural expression of the earth rise up through your body.  And then, from that groundedness, extend.” -Rodney Yee