Establish A Steady Yoga Practice – Open Your Mind

clear your mind yogaposts“Feel the life force flowing from you and drawing into you from the atmosphere: from the rain, from the sky, from the air around you and the stars and the moon and the sun, and everything that exists that represents energy.”  -Rudi

Our “pillar” this week is to do some “mind clearing.”

Each day, take the following steps for Creating a Dedicated Space: Continue reading “Establish A Steady Yoga Practice – Open Your Mind”

First Revelation of 2017

I have been doing lots of reflecting during this first week of the new year. 

Our constantly changing Sedona scenery has prompted this recent realization. Letting go and allowing all things to take their course never rang so true. 

Have a wonderful weekend and let yourself float to the next juncture. 

Bow to the Teacher Within

Om Namah Shivaya   – our mantra for the week.

In Sanskrit, the meaning of the chant is relatively simple:

Om– Ever present, it is the pulse of the universe and the source of our whole being.

Namah–  A word that means to bow.

Shivaya– Literally it means Shiva; but more than that, it represents the inner self.

When understood fully, the phrase translates to “I bow to the inner Self”.  In class, you may have heard me say, “bow to the teacher within”.

A wonderful set of words that expresses exactly how I feel as I end each and every practice. Bowing to the teacher within me is saluting all of my wisdom and where it stems from. It is how I respect my journey and honor all those who have made it possible.


aware-1353780__180For your reference, here is an audio link to the pronunciation of Om Namah Shivaya

A Set of Dedications

Today I will share with you some quotes that you can use to dedicate your practice. You can either read them to yourself or say them aloud before you begin your session. They are gentle reminders of why we do yoga and what the practice can bring to us. images

Yoga is not a destination to be reached, it is a place where you simply are. The method is the goal.

Dedicate this time to your well-being, for the opportunity to build strength and lightness, flexibility and balance.

Yield to the flow.  It is the most intelligent, fulfilling thing to do. Surrender your best sense of what to do or not to do and trust in the flow of Being. – E. Schiffmann

What is the purpose of yoga practice? To open the heart. Measure your success in your postures not by how far you go but by how aware you are in each moment. What makes you feel most alive? Most present? Most whole?

I apologize that I don’t have authors for all of these quotes.  Over the many years, the writings I save are copied and recopied. In doing so, original sources get lost. Still treasured, the words are well worth sharing. 


Prana: Here, There and Everywhere

It may sound like I am obsessed with the Beatles (especially after my “Here Comes the Sun” class last week), but the flow of prana is here, there and everywhere, what can I say? It extends on and on across the universe.

For Wednesday’s Words, I unearthed this quote which I had rewritten in one of my journals. I cannot seem to find it’s original anywhere though. Hopefully, I have done Rudi justice and recorded it correctly.


Feel the life force flowing from you and drawing into you from the atmosphere: from the rain, from the air around you and the sky above you and the stars and the moon and the sun, and everything that exists that represents energy.



In Keeping With Our Theme…

This wonderful quote has always been near and dear to my heart. The words reflect the value of ahimsa, non-violence. I received the message through my teacher training back in Chicago. Those were truly my formative years.

landscape-1115428__180Restrain from thoughts, words and actions that are destructive to your life and to those around you. Observe that which strengthens you 
and expands the horizon of your awareness.